Enterprise history:

  • 1996
    The predecessor of Huihong Industry-"Xinghui Mould Factory" was founded
  • 1998
    Huihong Plastic Products Factory was formally established, "Huihong" plastic cover came out
  • 2002
    The industry's first R&D/production two-color flip cover 
  • 2003
    Blowing bottle production line was launched, Huihong plastic bottles were launched
  • 2004
    The GMP 100,000-level production workshop was put into use, and the drug/food packaging production certification license was obtained
  • 2010
    the first phase of the Shishan new plant was completed and put into use, and the composite hose production line was launched
  • 2012
    The industry's first R&D/production technology innovative functional packaging
  • 2015
    The second phase of the plant was built and used, and the printing workshop was expanded to realize a complete set of industrial processes such as product design and development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, bronzing printing, and product testing.
  • 2017
    The sheet tube production line was launched
  • 2019
    After the approval of Foshan Nanhai District Market Supervision Administration, the original company name: Foshan Huihong Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was changed to Foshan Huihong Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
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