Fighting the epidemic, Huihong people are in action!
Fighting the epidemic, Huihong people are in action!
Feb 11 2020
  • At the beginning of the new year, the heads of the departments of Huihong Industry held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and production safety in advance to implement the post-holiday work safety and epidemic prevention and control work. According to the "Guangdong Provincial People's Government Notice on Enterprise Resumption and School Opening Time" "Requirements, in accordance with "Foshan City Nanhai District after the holiday resume work and resume production safety production and epidemic prevention and control work plan" (South Prevention and Control Office [2020] No. 49) work plan, strictly implement epidemic disaster prevention and control work

1. Preparation for resumption of work

  • Propaganda materials are posted at the gates and prominent locations of the factory to enhance employees' awareness of the risks of epidemic prevention and drug control, implement various safety and epidemic prevention standards, establish a leading team for epidemic prevention and control and safe production, and do a good job of backflow statistical investigation, detection, diagnosis and isolation, disinfection of plant dormitory, and epidemic situation Propaganda and education, preparation of procurement of protective equipment. Confirm the first person in charge of epidemic prevention and control and safe production of various departments.

2. employees return to work

  • Make a checklist of the health status of all employees in advance to understand the trends and health status of the Spring Festival holiday, and ensure that people who have been in the epidemic source or who have been to the epidemic source will not return to work temporarily. "Declaration", and set up an abnormal temperature isolation room in the factory area, arrange full-time temperature measurement personnel (temperature measurement personnel must wear masks and gloves), carry out body temperature tests for all personnel entering and leaving the company (one time each in the morning and afternoon), body temperature ≥37.3℃ Not allowed to work. Company dormitory set up self-isolation area.

3. Epidemic prevention and hygiene

  • To achieve epidemic prevention and protection for all employees, people entering the enterprise must wear masks throughout the journey. Elevators, walkways, workshops, stairwells, dormitories, restaurants and other places with many personnel are disinfected 4 times a day according to the standard and records are made. A special collection container for waste masks is set up to uniformly collect waste masks of employees of the enterprise, and 75% alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectants are used to sterilize the recycled trash can twice a day. Ensure that the workplace is ventilated.

4. Management of reinstatement personnel

  • Strictly implement various safety production requirements, develop good hygiene habits, wear masks, wash hands frequently, go out less, do not spread rumors or rumors, take more stairs and take fewer elevators, employees eat separately.

  • Facing the epidemic situation, the people of Huihong did not humiliate their missions, and they all formed a city. Resolutely win the blocking battle of epidemic prevention and control, Wuhan come on! Go China!

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