In the "lazy economy" era, how can packaging empower products?
In the "lazy economy" era, how can packaging empower products?
May 29 2020
  • Packaging is the face of the product. Good packaging not only allows consumers to "love at first sight" and to stand out from many competing products, but also allows consumers to "fell it off" and repurchase again and again for the ultimate comfortable use.

  • How to attract consumers from the packaging is a problem that every brand has to think about. Instead of grabbing the consumer’s attention, it is better to grab the consumer’s “psychology”. While many brands are still thinking hard on the visual presentation, Foshan Huihong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huihong) Based on usage habits and industry trends, an innovative and practical eye and lip care two-in-one packaging has won the favor of many brands and consumers.

In the economic era of lazy people, "utility first" has become a trend

  • The development of such a special eye and lip 2-in-1 package is not so much a choice of Huihong as it is a choice of young consumers. Hui Hong Zeng Jielin, deputy general manager, introduced that the post-90s young people have become the main force of consumption. Lazy culture affects the new generation. "Lazy" is the label of young consumers. Taobao's "Lazy Consumption Data" shows that Taobao's consumption of household supplies for lazy people increased by 28% in 2018, of which lazy kitchen appliances such as lazy cooking machines and lazy bread machines increased by 81% annually. Even women who are keen on dressing up are “lazy but lazy.” Data shows that lazy beauty products such as thrush artifacts, lazy curlers, lazy eyeshadows, and lazy facial masks have increased by 150%.

  • "Lazy" is the nature of consumers, "lazy economy" has become a major consumer trend.

  • As time becomes more efficient and fragmented, consumers are increasingly rejecting cumbersome skin care procedures and complicated methods of use. Because makeup takes a long time, women tend to "take it away" for skin care. Reversed damage. Therefore, skin care products that can be accepted by consumers must be simple and efficient, and "practical supremacy" is the undoubted trend.

Innovative two-in-one packaging for eyes and lips to empower products

  • Huihong's two-in-one packaging for eyes and lips just fits the needs of "lazy" consumers and maximizes its practicality.

  • Curved veneer ceramic massage head with transparent vacuum bottle, sheet tube, composite hose and other materials can be applied to a variety of eye and lip care products. Qinliang curved veneer ceramic head can be used directly For massaging the eyes and lips, intimately care for the soft skin of the eyes and lips, simplifying the process of skin care and saving time and tools.

  • This kind of packaging specifically for eye and lip care is both a packaging and a care tool. It is multi-purpose and fits the essence of young people's "laziness". It saves time for daily skin care and travel. Space for the suitcase.

  • The product creativity is original, and the design, materials and pipes are also very elegant. The tube adopts a closed vacuum packaging design to maximize the stability of product quality; the quantitative rotary discharge switch design is convenient and hygienic, and can be taken at any time to reduce the risk of misuse; the piston bottom makes the product wasteless to use and presents the fine and precious product , Complement each other with eye cream essence and other precious products.

  • To unlock consumer demand and keep up with market trends, Huihong's two-in-one package for eye and lip care is to empower the product and help the brand.

Grasp market trends and keep pace with consumers

  • This eye and lip 2-in-1 care package, which is popular with brands and consumers, is another innovation of Huihong Industry. For more than 20 years, Huihong Industry has adopted the business policy of "following consumer demand and winning by innovation". Many well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Disney, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, Watsons, Han Shu, Polaia, Blue Moon, Marume, Meifubao, and Yunnan Baiyao have launched a variety of technologically innovative and practical packaging, which has won countless peers and consumers. Praise.

  • As the application of packaging products involving many fields such as daily chemical, food, medicine, health care products, etc., and now has more than 50 inventions, utility models and other national patents, "innovation" is the soul of Huihong, "market" is In Huihong's direction, "technology" is Huihong's backing.

  • For product innovation, Huihong has always adhered to market trends. Before the development of eye and lip care 2-in-1 packaging, Huihong also carried out a lot of research work. After a large number of user surveys, supply chain information collection, domestic and foreign exhibitions After many investigations, brands and consumers have great demands for the functionality, practicality and versatility of packaging.Under the market call, this two-in-one package for eye and lip care came into being. From the enthusiastic market reaction, Huihong once again grasped the market trend.

  • A good package is an accelerator of product sales and an enhancer of the brand's reputation. Huihong is confident and strong, so that the market proves that this eye and lip care 2-in-1 package is the right choice for the brand.

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