Set off for happiness! Huihong staff's trip to Shaoguan in 2019 has been fruitful!
Set off for happiness! Huihong staff's trip to Shaoguan in 2019 has been fruitful!
Nov 06 2019
  • From November 4th to 5th, 2019, in order to enrich the cultural life of employees, Huihong Industrial organized a 2-day tour of Shaoxuan Danxia Mountain with more than 100 old employees, allowing employees to temporarily put off their work and busyness, and enjoy the fun of a mountain tour! It is understood that such tourism activities take place every year, and the boss personally leads the team, which is of great significance, so that employees can fully feel the company's humanistic care.

A race to ascend

  • Danxia Mountain, a famous 5A scenic spot at home and abroad, is famous for its unique Danxia landforms. After taking the cable car up the mountain, it walks a short distance to the top of the mountain. Many colleagues took out their mobile phones and felt the gifts from nature. Many colleagues have been here before, and I feel that the meaning is different every time. The mountain is artificial. The difficulty in work is not to turn over mountain after mountain. The valuable thing is that you must always maintain an empty cup of humble attitude before you can reach the height. Telephoto location.

A gluttonous feast

  • Go eat, eat, eat....Danxia scenery, eat local specialties, stir-fried Shankengluo, Danxiashan tofu, cold water pork belly... The most famous is Shankengluo, this kind of snail is not the same as the usual snail. Similarly, it was grown up by the local Qingshuijian River. It is green and pollution-free, and the quantity is small enough to supply the local market. It can be seen that it is a rare delicacy that has made colleagues addicted to it.

A baptism of the soul

  • "The bodhi has no tree, the mirror is not a platform, there is nothing, there is nowhere to provoke dust", came to Nanhua Temple, the birthplace of Master Hui Neng, colleagues all visited Nanhua Temple with a pious heart, actively Listening to Miss Director telling the allusions in the past, it seems that you are looking through a volume of historical scriptures to appreciate the Buddhist faith and inheritance, and bring positive significance to your daily work and life.

  • The two-day tourism activities are both fulfilling and joyful. It is a relaxing way. It brings more inspiration and learning process to Huihong people. An enterprise needs the joint efforts of all colleagues in the development process, the enterprise needs development, and the employees are also , Huihong tourism activities will continue, looking forward to the next happy trip of Huihong people!

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